Imam Mashari
1 min readDec 4, 2021

When you are coming to the new community, you are starting from zero, you are nothing. Even you are a Big Fish in a pool when you are moving to a new pool, you are still new fish to another, just Respect your new environment. Introduce yourself, try to know the system better, focus on how you will fulfill the requirement to join the Medium Partner Program if you want to start earning money. Get 100 Followers, follow the tips shared by many members which are suitable for you. Just be ready to be a “beggar” for followers when you are so desperate to join the program soon.

Your ego and pride won’t help you, just consider that you are a newbie. It will help you to easily appreciate others and learn from them, therefore your adaptation to the new community will be smooth and fun.

Start writing, show your skill, greatness, capacity. Show who you are on your post, if you are truly good you will be respected and appreciated by another member. You will get again the swallowed pride.