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A few days ago, I got an Answer for my Medium Partner Program proposal, It was rejected due to reason I have not fulfilled the requirements. The requirements are: 100 Follower, minimum of one publication, and Greogaphically stay in enrolled Country as published at Medium website.

For 100 Follower was no problem, I have more than that number during the proposal, I have 19 Publications when I proposed to be enrolled, You know why I failed. I proposed because there was a success story for writers out of the enrolled country, it is not the secret right?. Many article was shared, so I Thought I have the chance, but the evaluation of the program become more strict and strict. So pay attention to the sentence Geographically in enrolled countries, therefore administratively won’t be enough, you must physically stay there.

I have no choice, I will be waiting for My country will be enrolled someday. Sometimes pop up a question in my mind, “now we are in the 21 century not at the stone age, is that too complicated to integrate the local payment gateway in non-enrolled countries to stripe? why must use a single payment method? I think this is not a matter of technology, but purely business Calculation”. I read somewhere that the medium is working to add more payment methods, promising all writers from any country can enroll in the program. Let see how it works.

I hope my fellow new writers will be luckier, find out magic to be enrolled. I will keep writing here, I will keep supporting my fellow writers at least by following back every those who follow me. I will change the priority, I will try substack and vocal media, I see the possibility there to earn money. I will use the medium for testing readers' responses, so I can decide the priority topic of my writing.

It will be the positive side of everything, a blessing in disguise, so just keep writing, Good luck!.




Telemetry system practitioner, cloud system. Check at: Support me at:

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Imam Mashari

Imam Mashari

Telemetry system practitioner, cloud system. Check at: Support me at:

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