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Why is everyone afraid of cockroaches? please tell me the reason, bleeding wound, killer diseases?. Cockroaches are much smaller than us, why we must run away from them. I am laughing because I am one of those who scare. Are cockroaches biting us? yes if they are hungry enough. The bites are not dangerous, but a cockroach infestation can pose a risk to our family’s health.

It is true roaches can carry pathogens that cause a variety of diseases. But if we compare the risk of the danger and the afraid sensation is unbelievable. We may run away when they fly to us. We don’t want to be touched at all.

What are roaches afraid of?

I think it is more to a disgusting sensation than afraid of being killed. I will better kill them before they touch me. I know, that the risk of bite is not high, but I don't want to be touched.

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Do cockroaches get scared?

It is often that cockroaches fly to me when I try to intimidate them to go away, they are not afraid at all. But they are afraid of sudden changes in light, movement, vibration. Do something to generate these situations to intimidate them.

Is it normal to be scared of cockroaches?

In my opinion, the standard to say it is normal or not is how many people have the same sensation as us. According to survey ” Men are more likely than women to be ‘very scared’ of bugs”

What? so I am part of that man, I am normal. Although it will look strange that a man is afraid of cockroaches, at least I am not alone, still many people in the same situation.

How to stop being afraid of cockroaches?

How if a cockroach comes close to you? try to not run away. Slow down it by spraying insecticide, if it is still not enough, hit with newspaper or whatever. If you are too scared to even by seeing them, exposure therapy. Look at the photos of cockroaches, come to the insect museum, see and touch it. Do it until the afraid feeling is reduced, we won’t die because of cockroaches bite right?




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Imam Mashari

Imam Mashari

Telemetry system practitioner, cloud system. Check at: Support me at:

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