No Follower? take it easy

To be honest, I have big expectations before joining Medium, I hope I can get 100 followers and a massive read on my article. After one week, I face the reality, that only 4 followers, 9 read. I laugh, is my article that bad or what?. This is reality, I must accept my level and start changing the orientation of writing. I am trying to improve my article step by step, I do not have a certain target when I will reach 100 Follower. Let it flow and let my follower grow naturally together with my writing skill.

I see my article as a personal asset, that will be useful in many ways, if not for the reader at least for myself. I will keep spending. Passion will give us a good thing. Here, I learn many things, many very good articles I can learn from.

If we can see a thing from the good side, it will make us become better and better!. Nothing easy for big thing need passion, patient, and big effort, lets try to enjoy the game.



Telemetry system practitioner, cloud system. Check at: imammashari.substack.com Support me at: https://ko-fi.com/imammashari

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